James Marchment

Graphic and Web Design

49 North

Logo and Brand Identity


Canadian At Heart

49 North is a proposed brand strategy for an apparel company specializing in high-end winter coats and gear for skiing, snowboarding, and other cold-weather activities. This market is currently led by Canada Goose and Norbis, established brands with high recognition. For 49 North, a strong logo was essential.

Geometrically rigid, memorably stylish

Bold coloration and strong geometric parallels make this logo stand out. Recurring angles create a sense of regularity and balance, while giving the logo an overall shape of a 50-degree parallelogram. In context, this logo's distinctive shape makes it easily recognizable from a distance, at a glance, in small sizes or within a limited colour palette. The right-angle triangle counter of the four is reflected within the counter of the nine to create a pair of trianges in red and black, representing a compass needle pointed North and evoking the rugged explorational spirit of the brand.

A perfect fit in any context

Like any good logo, 49 North works equally well on signage and stationery as it does on clothing. With a selection of font and colour pairings to accompany the logo, it is ready for use on business cards and corporate letterhead as well as the next season's line of winter apparel.