James Marchment

Graphic and Web Design

Interplanetary Insects

Classic Science Fiction Cover Series

book cover design graphic james marchment

Attack of the Killer Bugs From Outer Space

For this series of book cover designs, three modern classics of science fiction are re-imagined around a central theme. Each of these novels includes an alien species of terrifying insectoid creatures similar to the innocuous creatures we meet on Earth. Ender battles the ant-like Formics, while the army of Starship Troopers fights an enemy simply known as "the Bugs", and the world of Dune is home to legendary sandworms. These covers, aimed at book collectors who may have read the novels years ago but not currently own a copy, juxtapose the dramatic appearance of the fictional insects with the small, inconsequential real-life analogues, using negative space to invite the imagination to fill in the gulf between.

Smash the Beetles

Each of these figures was designed in Adobe Illustrator for a stylized, clean appearance. Graphic styles were used to create uniform shine, utilizing offset gradients to produce reflected highlights that match the contours of each shape.