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Heavily Stylized Poster Designs

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Exploring Fresh Styles

As much as we all love Helvetica, there are other fonts out there. I felt like making a departure from my usual preference of late-modernist Swiss-inspired style and doing something a little louder, so I created a series of posters for concerts and music festivals, incorporating stock photography composites and heavier digital editing.

The Posters

Tetra and Transient Identity both draw from contemporary festival conventions, listing ten to twelve artists performing and featuring imagery evocative of a somewhat surreal environment. Images used for composites came from Pexels, a free stock photography resource.

For a smaller event featuring a single DJ rather than a full line-up, and taking on a different genre of music, an eye-catching visual with hand-drawn typography presents a grungier, more immediate feel to the event. This is not a destination, but a weekly party.

Again changing the style, this is a more electronically-focused event playing on motifs of the vaporwave aesthetic, a retro throwback with hints of 80's nostalgia.

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