James Marchment

Graphic and Web Design

Reine de la Ruche Hot Sauce

Label and Package Design

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The New Hotness

Entrepreneur Kate Oliver contacted me with a branding challenge -- she was creating a line of hot sauces targeting an unoccupied niche in the market. While many labels competed with each other to portray machismo, toughness, and all-around badassery, Kate's vision was different. A more refined line of gourmet sauces, with a luxurious, sophisticated image.

Queen of the Hive

To distinguish Reine de la Ruche's products from the crowd, I drew inspiration from high-end perfume and beauty products. The design language of this product category is often minimal, leaning in to a "less is more" aesthetic. Going too far in that direction with these hot sauce labels, however, would be a complete departure from the category, and could result in the bottles being ignored on the shelf. The balanced solution we chose was a crisp, high-relief style with large colour fields to make the most of the metallic stock the labels would be printed on, making the contrast between the dark backdrop and shiny foil foreground all the more eye-catching. Because the stock itself is the foil, these labels had to be designed in reverse, laying down an opaque base layer with negative space making up everything that would shine through on the finished print.

The sauces are available for purchase now, online and through select retailers. Reviews have praised both the flavour of the sauces and the unique brand identity of Reine de la Ruche.

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