James Marchment

Graphic and Web Design

IARR Conference 2016

Logo and Website


Coming to Toronto from Around the World

The International Association for Relationship Research (IARR) hosts a conference in a different city every two years. It brings together the most skilled individuals in the field of psychology: highly-respected academics, esteemed professors, and the up-and-coming graduate students who will become the next generation of scholars. When Toronto was chosen for the location of the 2016 conference, I was asked to create a logo and website template that conference organizers would be able to update as the conference develops.

An Academic Logo

The head of the organizing committee requested that the logo include uniquely Torontonian elements, such as the city skyline, in order to make the location of the conference a key element. Attendees would be well-versed in psychology, and as such, have already grown tired of logos featuring brains and other "psy" symbology. To incorporate Toronto without overcrowding the logo, I chose to use only a stylized version of the CN Tower, depicting it from a perspective that allows the tower element to crown the letter I. The letterform of the original font is not interrupted by this decorative addition, allowing the logo to remain legible. This logo will appear on promotional materials and merchandise, and I look forward to attending the conference to see the design brought to life.

Fully Mobile-Responsive Website

Starting with a blank slate in HTML5, I created a cross-platform website where prospective conferencegoers can seek more information about IARR 2016 and register to attend. Populated with temporary content at time of delivery, extensive HTML comments and documentation made the site easy to update, even for persons without web experience. The mobile version features a responsive navigation side-menu that can be opened and closed by swiping across the screen. Touchscreen functionality was written in jQuery/Javascript while responsive layout rules were created using CSS. The result is a lightweight and intuitive website that can be accessed from anywhere.

The website is currently still up, although updates have been made by members of the organizing committee after the fact of my involvement with the project.

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