James Marchment

Graphic and Web Design

Modern Society

Feature Film Poster Series

Modern Society Poster Series by James Marchment

Things They Fall Apart

In a world where maintaining appearances is more important than expressing one's true feelings, Grace is barely hanging on. At a glance, things appear to be normal — normal job, normal marriage, normal life — but inside, the tension is tearing Grace apart, and something is about to snap. Modern Society is a drama film with elements of a Polanski-influenced thriller, set against the quietly tyrranical backdrop of a suburban neighbourhood.

The director of this film asked me to create a series of posters evoking this inner struggle using intriguing, minimalist visuals.

The three posters in the series explore different approaches to the idea of turmoil and rising tension, with themes of dissolution, unravelling, and drowning.

Not a drop of ink spilt

The main character of the film, Grace, is represented by a silhouette in the first two, and in the third (once an actor was cast for the role) with a more detailed portrait. For this piece, I wanted to create a very sophisticated style, like a piece of art you might display in your home. I used a combination of vector-based drawing in Illustrator and texture effects in Photoshop to create a detailed oil paint effect inspired by the work of Alex Katz. At full size, the image is 58 megapixels, suitable for printing at extremely large sizes.

Modern Society is still in production as of 2016, and seeking placement in film festivals locally and nationally in hopes of finding a wider distributor.