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Graphic and Web Design

Rudo Vacula Photography

Logo Design and Brand Identity

photography studio logo

Standing Out in the Photography World

Toronto photographer Rudo Vacula is one of the best in the business. The problem was, there were just so many others in the same business. He needed something more to make his services stand out, and help make an impression on potential clients in the crowded marketplace of wedding photography.

The answer started with a strong logo. By adopting a consistent brand image across all of his client communications, promotional materials, and social media platforms, Rudo increased the memorability and recognizability of his business. Word-of-mouth referrals increased, and so did social media traffic.

Meticulous Geometry

Rudo wanted his brand to communicate precision, professionalism, and attention to detail, values that are extremely important to him as a photographer. A simple yet striking logo, presenting his initials in an isometric grid format, met his needs. There is not a line out of place here: every angle follows a reflexive 60-degree framework. The sharp angles suggest focus and balance. Beginning with this logo, Rudo adopted a new brand identity centred on the promise of quality craftsmanship.

Light and Shadow

A two-tone version of the logo exists for use as a watermark, using light and dark areas to remain noticeable on any photographic background without causing undue interference in the appearance of the photo itself. This allows Rudo to share proofs and previews of his images without losing credit should they be shared elsewhere, while retaining the original impact of the expertly-composed photos.

Rudo's business has since then outgrown his solo venture, and he has launched a team of photographers under the new title of Toronto Wedding Studios.