James Marchment

Graphic and Web Design


Photo Composite and Typography

Yes All Women non profit PSA James Marchment Designer

Antique Perspectives

In 2014, the hashtag #yesallwomen set twitter ablaze, bringing to light the sexism that was taking place every day. Some phrases came up again and again to the point of becoming cliché, and it was clear that far too many people haven't realized that these attitudes have no place in the 21st century. They needed to be shown how old-fashioned these gendered perspectives are, and leave them where they belong -- in the past.

Composite against the clock

Because of the speed of online trending, it would not be possible to get a photo shoot together in time to catch the wave of attention. These images are completely composited together out of other photos. The obsolete electronics, vintage furniture, and tacky paisley wallpaper are all drawn from different source images, collaged together in Photoshop to set the scene just so without making a single trip to the antique store. The headline typography, inspired by the cinematic titlecards of the silver screen era, reflects the dated beliefs, showing them to belong to a bygone time.